samples compilation – en


This page is a compilation of recordings of our restored devices.
The song of the samples were chosen trying to improve the characteristics and personality of each device.
Always use the same songs each device would allow a more precise and immediate comparison.
But we tried to extract the soul of each device. We hope to have succeeded.


Mixer: LEXICON Omega Studio
Phono Pre : GRUNDIG MV3
Turntable: GRUNDIG PS2000
Cartridge: SHURE M75
PC and MAC


Graetz 177W

Graetz Fantasia 622

Graetz Melodia M618

Graetz Sinfonia 4R-221

Graetz Sinfonia 522

Grundig 3012

Grundig 3035W/3D Klang

Grundig 3089

Grundig 4004W

Grundig 4010

Grundig 4035

Grundig Konzertgerat 4085

Grundig 5040W/3D

Grundig 5050W

Imperial I350W

Loewe Opta Venus 822W

Philips Capella 753

Saba Meersburg W2 Enhanced

Saba Meersburg W4 Enhanced

Saba Freiburg Studio A

Saba Freiburg W3

Schaub Lorenz Goldsuper 58

Siemens Schatulle H42

Siemens Schatulle M47

Telefunken Concertino 2380

Telefunken Musikus 5SV