scam – en

scam – en


We are dedicating this page to the possible scams or counterfeits our customers have stumbled upon, hoping to provide useful information to avoid disappointment on the approach the fascinating world of vintage devices.



The Brionvega RR126 designed by the Castiglioni brothers was a very successful appliance and is still highly still request.
The speakers were often separated from the central body and placed on the shelves of a library. Sometimes they were replaced with higher quality speakers. Furthermore, often after years and various moves, the original speakers were lost or seriously damaged.
For this reason, Brionvega RR126 is occasionally found on the network without one or both speakers. Obviously the price is apparently affordable.
The problem is then to find a pair of speakers.
To solve this problem, there are people who sell remanufactured speakers on eBay or other classifieds sites, sometimes passing them off as originals.
We happened to stumble upon a pair of such speakers. In this page we will briefly see the defects hoping to be useful to someone.

Brionvega RR126 - Contraffazioni