Antique radios and Hi-Fi restoration


When I started about 30 years ago, I decided to restore only units produced in Germany between 1953 and 1966 because before 1953 units with FM had no acoustical appeal; on the other side, after 1966 radios had transistors built in.
All restoration works are carried out by a team of professionals in their fields.
A carpenter takes care of wood housing.
An expert restores or reconstructs dialglasses, knobs and other plastic parts.
Myself, I’m in charge of the restoration of mechanical, electronic and tuning parts.
All restorations are documented photographically and described with care.
All appliances are covered by warranty according to the applicable legislation.

Our radios around the world


The sound beyond your immagination

It is not possible to imagine the warmth of the sound of these beautiful pieces, the scent of these woods and these waxes, the excitement that lights up our eyes the charm of a masterpiece from the past.

Who we are

We arrive from different histories but we have 30 years experience in repair of antique radios and tube equipment.


Where we live

Perhaps because we live in a ancient town we love collectors’ items that have stories to tell