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Loewe Opta Bella Luxus 2711W bella 2711w - en

Loewe Opta Bella Luxus 2711W – en

Loewe Opta Bella 2711W

Loewe Opta Bella 2711W

As previously mentioned in other reviews, one of the features  I have always appreciated about  Loewe-Opta radios is their refinement and beauty in terms of looks.
The Bella  Luxus 2711W, one of the smallest Loewe with wooden cabinet, is certainly the most beautiful and refined among small radios.
Even being a nice and versatile piece of furniture, the Bella keeps all of the features of medium-class German radios, which hold a wide space in my passion.
Separate tuning system for AM and FM bands, using the same knob that starts separate mechanisms and indicators for the two bands.
Bandbreite Schaltbar, the keyboard with different default EQ curves.
Magical eye to indicate the perfect tuning of each station.
I am taking about the internal ferrite aerial and the complex AF stages.
The restoration work on this device was very demanding and will be described later.
As usual, sound quality is great compared to the size, also because of the stiff wooden cabinet and the remarkable quality of the alnico loudspeaker with DEW magnet. As usual, no expense is spared on quality.
A little radio with a big voice.

Loewe Opta Bella Luxus 2711W

Bluetooth receiver embed



Each radio is equipped with a cable for connection to any digital device.



- Bluetooth receiver embed - The unit is equipped with a BLUETOOTH receiver powered directly by the receiver power supply. This makes it possible to control the amplifier from any external digital device as an IPAD, a Smartphone, or a sophisticated multimedia station. So you can hear your preferred web station or your lossesless file without cables on the room. Wireless Receiver can be equipped upon requests.

- Multi Platform Connection - A customized adaptation cable to connect any digital device as Iphone, Smartphone, Laptop, CD Player etc. will be provided with this radio. This special cable suits the different impedances between the modern equipment and the receiver. Furthermore the two stereo channels flow into one without increasing the load to the input unit.

Loewe kronach

Loewe Opta factory - Kronach (D)


1923 Foundation of the radio frequency GmbH by brothers Siegmund and David Ludwig Loewe, and others.

1926 The first success come, the Loewe OE333 radio.

1929 The founding of Loewe Television AG

1931 World's first TV based on the cathode ray tube

1933 Because Hitler the political against the Jews forces Ludwig Loewe to emigrate.

1938 Loewe produce the first home audiovisual entertainment centre with integrated radio, television and record player.

1939 Introduction of the standard TV receiver "E1"

1940 Loewe becomes a war factory and change name to Löwe Radio and Co.

1942 Löwe Radio forced to change its name to Opta and Co.

1945 Civil production continues in Berlin, Leipzig and Kronach

1946 The establishment of a branch factory in Düsseldorf where were built the best Loewe radios

1949 The firm is changed in Loewe Opta and Co

1950 The world's first home tape recorder

1958 Radio production continued only in Berlin and Düsseldorf. Kronach factory produces only TV

1961 Germany's first device for home recording, the Optacord 500

1964 Founding of Loewe Opta GmbH

1965 From now on radio production was carried on only in Berlin

1979 Loewe revolutionizes the construction of TV sets with the inroduction of the fully integrated platina chassis.

1981 The sensation: Loewe presents to the press the first European stereo TV

1983 Loewe introduces the first series production of the BTX decoder for the new CEPT standard.

1994 Loewe bring the first fully digital TV with 100 Hz Technology onto the market

1997 With the Loewe Xelos @ media the age of the union of television,computers and telecommunications is introduced.

Sigmund Loewe

Dr. Siegmund Loewe


Year of production:: 1957/58

Superheterodyne IF 460/10700
6 AM Circuits
10 FM Circuits

Operating voltage (CA) 110; 125; 160; 220 Volts

1 Wideband loudspeaker

Dimensions (LHD): 380 x 260 x 215 mm / 15 x 10.2 x 8.5 inch
Net weight: 6 kg / 13 lb 3.5 oz

6 tubes:
ECC85 ECH81 EF89 EABC80 EM80 EL84

Loewe Opta Bella Luxus 2711W


The upper keyboard includes the in frequency response-correction system keys, it is composed by 4 keys which insert default EQ curves.

Loewe Opta Bella Luxus 2711W

The BASS button further emphasises the bass notes.
The JAZZ button emphasises lows/bass notes and especially high-pitched tones.
The SP button charges a curve which enhances midtones, allowing a more intelligible listening of spoken broadcasts.
The ORCH button enhances bass and high-pitched tones way less than the JAZZ button.

Loewe Opta Bella Luxus 2711W


Inside the cabinet is a dipole for FM reception and a ferrite aerial for AM reception.

The reception sensitivity in FM with internal aerial is good.


As is customary on high-level German radios, by turning the harmony knob either the FM scale index – if the UKW button is pushed – or the AM scale index – if one of the LW, KW or MW buttons are pushed - are respectively activated. This allows to save an FM or AM station.

The device is provided with separate harmony mechanisms for AM bands and for that of each of the two FM bands.
There is only one harmony knob but a selector inverts on separate cables and pulleys systems according to the band.

Loewe Opta Bella Luxus 2711W
Loewe Opta Bella Luxus 2711W


The magic eye has of course been replaced.


The radio is equipped with a frontal broadband loudspeaker.
Despite the small size, the reproduction of the frequency range is quite extensive.
The wooden cabinet significantly improves the final acoustic result.

Loewe Opta Bella Luxus 2711W


Loewe Opta Bella Luxus 2711W

On the left there is the volume control (with built-in loudness).
Coaxially to the volume we find the tone-control knob.
From the top we find the FM scale, the AM scale for Long, Medium and Short bands (the two separate indicators for AM and FM should be noted).
The Bandbreite Schaltbar keyboard, previously mentioned.
In the following order, then, we find the on-off button, Long, Medium, Short, FM bands.
Pressing the Long and Medium buttons simultaneously, the turntable is inserted.
Front and back each button, the respective frequency band is indicated – see the UW button pressed in the photo below.
There is finally the harmony knob, the movement of which is very pleasant as it is supported by a big fly-wheel.

Loewe Opta Bella Luxus 2711W


AM and FM antenna inputs and ground socket.

Output for external speakers.

Turntable input (Tonabnehmer)


Loewe Opta Bella Luxus 2711W