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Zenith Y723 american radios - en

Zenith Y723 – en

Zenith Y723


Produced in 1956, this small device after this restoration is really beautiful.
The original color for our taste was a little sad.So we decided to give it a new dress.
Now it is really very nice to see, balanced, simple, yet brilliant and finally happy.

As I said for other restorations of these small Americans devices designed and produced 60 years ago their line is very modern even today.
In fact, the graceful line, and its balanced and small size makes it suitable to be inserted in a modern furnishngs as you can see on the images.
This strong aesthetic personality is the main reason I restore this series of American production equipment.

The sound performance of these radios are modest compared to the German giants on this website.
No deep bass and power wich shake the stomach, but enough to sound a room.

This device is powered by 120 volts supplied by an adapter to be connected directly to the local power supply.

Zenith Y723

Bluetooth receiver embed


Each radio is equipped with a cable for connection to any digital device.



- Bluetooth receiver embed - The unit is equipped with a BLUETOOTH receiver powered directly by the receiver power supply. This makes it possible to control the amplifier from any external digital device as an IPAD, a Smartphone, or a sophisticated multimedia station. So you can hear your preferred web station or your lossesless file without cables on the room. Wireless Receiver can be equipped upon requests.
- Multi Platform Connection - A customized adaptation cable to connect any digital device as Iphone, Smartphone, Laptop, CD Player etc. will be provided with this radio. This special cable suits the different impedances between the modern equipment and the receiver. Furthermore the two stereo channels flow into one without increasing the load to the input unit.


The company known today as Zenith was founded in Chicago in 1918 by Karl Hassel and Ralph H. G. Mathews.
The original name “Z-Nith.” derived from the call letters of the founders’ amateur radio station, 9ZN.
In 1921, was moved into a 3,000-square-foot factory in Chicago.
In 1922, the company production rise between five radios each week to 50 per week. With the money of Eugene F. McDonald, Jr., Hassel and Mathews founded the Zenith Radio Corporation in 1923.
Zenith released the first portable radio in 1924.
In 1926 it released the first radio that operated entirely on household electricity.
Zenith became a leader in other consumer electronics developments, such as the first all-electronic TV station (1939), the first FM radio station in the Midwest (1940) and the world’s first subscription TV system.
With the coming of the Depression, Zenith was forced to change its focus from high-quality radios to more affordable ones.
During World War II, Zenith made bomb fuses and other devices for the government.
In 1955 Zenith released the first wireless remotes for TV.
In 1970 competitive pressures led Zenith entered the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) components and cable television products businesses.
In 1988, Zenith has been a leader in HDTV technologies.
In 1995, LG Electronics Inc. acquired a majority interest in Zenith.
In 1999, Zenith became a wholly owned subsidiary of LG.


Year of production: 1956
Superheterodyne IF: 455/10700

Wavebands:MW, FM

Operating voltage (CA) 117 Volts

1 Fullrange loudspeaker

Dimensions (LHD): 12.5 x 7.5 x 7.2 inch
Net weight: 7lb 8oz
7 Tubes:
12BA6 12AT7 12BA6 12BA6 12AU6 19T8 35C5

Zenith Y723
Zenith Y723


This device uses a loaded antenna on the rear panel.
It's sufficiently efficient but extremely directive, so the position of the radio impact on the quality of reception.
The back panel is prepared to connect an external antenna.
In this case the reception would be perfect.


The controls are reduced to the essentials.
The left knob controls the power switch and volume.
The central knob is the AM/FM band switch.
The right knob controls the tuning.

Zenith Y723
Zenith Y723


It was used an 4 inch loudspeaker performant enough despite its size.
The audio spectrum, which can be expected for transmissions in medium wave is sufficiently reproduced.

We are not talking of course of deep bass and treble bright, but only a voice clear and intelligible without fatigue.


FM aerial inputs.

Zenith Y723


Zenith Y723