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Geloso G185 – en

Geloso G185


It is really unusual to see in all my pages a device that is not manufactured in Germany.
In fact, I have restored this Italian Radio “Geloso” only when one of my dearest friends requested me to do so.
When I was young I had modified so many Gelosos and I remember how well they were made.
The device was bought on eBay and it was shipped directly to me from the seller. I did not read the advertisement but I knew that its price was similar to a restored German appliance, therefore expecting a restored and working machine.
When I opened the box I saw the cabinet was in good condition, while the scale was a little less, but the radio was intact and after some tests I decided to try it.
It was painful. The radio crackled and the sound was distorted.
Undeterred, I imagined that after a good restoration and a special tuning it would return to be as new.
Unfortunately, this was not the case. The substantial restoration is documented in the final part of the page but the result was much lower than expected.
The loudspeaker has a band with very reduced, both on high and on low.
The final sound is not very powerful. The “integral” volume control with that of tone (increasing one, increases the other) causes the response would be different in each position of the volume knob. The aim was to obtain a physiological control of the volume. The result was an unreal and always different sound.
The smallest of the Loewe Opta sounds much better.
The movement of the mechanical parts of the tuning is not so soft because it is devoid of any flywheel.
The long needle swings at every vibration.
The FM tuning is noisy and I understand from my friend that probably the FM band is probably not original. Unluckily, I did not have documentation about it because I am specialized in German devices.
However, this is the cheapest FM device produced by the Geloso and I am sure the devices of top class can compete with medium – class devices produced by Grundig, Nordmende and so on.

Geloso G185


Built-in Bluetooth receiver



Each radio is equipped with a special cable that connects with any digital source.



- Built-in Bluetooth receiver - This unit can be equipped with a BLUETOOTH receiver powered directly from the device. That makes it possible to use the amplifier from any digital device, IPAD, Smartphone, or sophisticated multimedia station. You can listen to your wireless Web Stations or favorite music around the room. On request, we can also mount a Wireless Receiver.

- Multi Platform connections - Along with the device, we can also provides you an impedance adapter cable to connect any digital source, such as iphone, smartphone, computer, CD player, etc. This purpose-built cable adapts different impedances of modern digital equipment. Also the two stereo channels are collected into a single flow without increasing the load input unit.


Year of production: 1955

Medium Waves (OM1)
Medium Waves (OM2)
Short waves (OC1)
Short waves (OC2)

VOLTAGE (AC): 110; 125; 160; 220 Volt

1 Wideband Loudspeaker

Dimensions (LHD): 555 x 315 x 230 mm / 21.9 x 12.4 x 9.1 inch

Net weight: 6,5 kg / 14.33 lbs

7 Tubes:
ECC84, ECF80, UCH81, UF85, UABC80, UL41, UY41, DM70

Geloso G185


The Magic Eye, DM70, is very nice, particular and different than usual.

Geloso G185
Geloso G185


The front is typical of Italian appliances of the time.

The tuning needle is alone and for this reason it is not possible any memorization.

Being very long the indicator needle vibrates during the movement and it is hard to make it stay straight.

The knobs are too close and inconvenient moreover in this device the knobs are also different from each other.


In the rear view, finds the loudspeaker that is unable to reproduce acute or bass.
The loudspeaker is pilots from an UL41 valve.

The valves are U-type, powered by fibres in series, to save on the power transformer.

Geloso G185


Geloso G185