Usually our radios come supplied with particular adapter cables that allow you to connect to other devices (MP3 reader, CD player, iPad, Smartphone, etc.).
From today on, upon request and with fee, all of our devices can be made Bluetooth capable.
Thus allowing the device to be commanded from any Bluetooth source, basically from any modern multimedia device.
So it's easy to listen to any web radio, or the memorized playlists in the media player of your computer or iPad.
The Bluetooth feature even allows the radio to be used as a hands free speaker device when receiving telephone calls on a connected cellular device.
The Bluetooth range is approximately 10 meters. Typically walls are not considered an obstacle, so the control center with the radio device can also be in another room.
The volume can be controlled by both the radio and the emitting Bluetooth device. Simply turn the volume knob to the desired level and then adjust the sound with the emitting device.
Naturally if the radio's volume knob is at zero, turning up only the emitting devices volume does not work.
The Bluetooth receiver turns off simultaneously with the radio.