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Bulova 300


Produced in 1957, this small device is really beautiful.
I mean that is really very very nice to see, balanced, simple, yet brilliant and seductive.
It 's really a little jewel, on the other hand the Bulova produced just that, jewelry watches. So who better than Bulova could design a device so nice and appealing?
Was proposed in different colors, but all with knobs and golden grilles.

As I said for other restorations of these small Americans devices designed and produced 60 years ago their line is very modern even today.
In fact, the graceful line, and its balanced and small size makes it suitable to be inserted in a modern furnishngs.

This strong aesthetic personality is the main reason I restore this series of American production equipment.
There are modern appliances that copy or are inspired by these designs, but owning an original is another thing!

The sound performance of these radios are modest compared to the German giants on this website, however this small Bulova Model 300 sounds pretty good.
No deep bass and power wich shake the stomach, but enough to sound a room.
You can also connect a digital source, and play it wth this small Bulova.
This possibility will be discussed later in detail.
In addition to listening to your IPad or PC, this unit is able to receive a Medium Waves.
This device is powered by 120 volts supplied by an adapter to be connected directly to the local power supply.
It also comes with a connection cable with a 3.5 mm mini jack compatible with any modern equipment such as an IPod, PC, etc.

Bulova 300



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- 蓝牙接收器加装-该单位配备了一个蓝牙接收器,直接由收音机供应电源。这使得有可能控制放大器从任何外部数字设备作为一个iPad,智能手机,或一个复杂的多媒体站。所以你能无线听到您喜欢的网站或你的无损档案。无线接收器可根据要求选配。

– 多平台连接-一个定制的适应电缆连接任何数字设备,如iPhone,智能手机,笔记本电脑,CD播放器等将提供这台收音机。这种特殊的电缆适合现代设备和接收机之间的不同阻抗。此外,两个立体声信道流入一个不增加负载的输入单元。


1870 - Joseph Bulova immigrate to the USA. At the age of 19, he opened his own jewelry store in Manhattan, wich quickly distinguished himself with the quality and artistry of his work.
1912 - Joseph Bulova established his first plant committed to the production of jeweled wristwatch movements in Switzerland fabricating fine timepieces via assembly line.
1919 - Bulova debuted its first-ever complete line of men's jeweled wristwatches.
1920 - the Bulova Observatory was constructed in Midtown Manhattan.
The sidereal time refers to the stars instead of the Sun for the calculation of the time, eliminating the error resulting from the orbital rotation of the earth around the sun.
1927 - Lindemberg will be the testimonial for the Bulova watch Lone Eagle commemorating his legendary transatlantic flight.
1941 - First advertisement broadcast from the United States to the rest of the world: "America runs on Bulova time"
1945 - Opens in Queens the Bulova School of Watchmaking
1958 - Two years before Bulova unveiled Accutron to the public, the technology was used aboard NASA's Vanguard 1 satellite.
1967 - The new standard in precision timekeeping, Accutron technology was used aboard Air Force One.
2010 - The Bulova Accutron Limited Edition Spaceview 214 was released. A handmade replica of the original Accutron Calibre 214.

Courtesy of Bulova


生产年份: 1957

超外差式收音机IF: 455 KHz

6 AM电路

无线电波段: MW

Wideband loudspeaker
Plastic case

尺寸(长高深): 33 x 22 x 16,5公分
净重: 3公斤
5支放大管: 12BE6 12BA6 12AV6 50C5 35W4

Bulova 300
Bulova 300


Using the special cable that I constructed you can utilize the device for use with any digital source such mp3 player, IPAD, IPOD, cell phone, PC etc.

Listening is absolutely charming, 60 years of technology separe the devices but the practicality of modern digital sources and the charm of the old valve radio blend perfectly giving a gratification not easily explained in words.

When the special cable is insert in the rear jackthe radio section will be automatically disconnected.

Using digital source sound is clean and pleasant.


This device uses a loaded antenna on the rear panel.
It's sufficiently efficient but extremely directive, so the position of the radio impact on the quality of reception.
The back panel is prepared to connect an external antenna.
In this case the reception would be perfect.

Bulova 300
Bulova 300


It was used an 8 inch loudspeaker performant enough despite its size.
The audio spectrum, which can be expected for transmissions in medium wave is sufficiently reproduced.

We are not talking of course of deep bass and treble bright, but only a voice clear and intelligible without fatigue.


Bulova 300

The controls are really reduced to the essentials.
The left knob controls the power switch and volume, the right one controls the tuning.
Wanting to use the phono input you have to take care to tune to a frequency where there are no stations to avoid background noise.

Bulova 300


FM aerial inputs.


Bulova 300